World Smile Day

In a world where we’re pretty content to be islands, mentally and emotionally removed from the human beings standing mere inches from us, avoiding eye contact with strangers at any and all costs and staring into the safe, blank oblivions of our phones; we think that it does us all a great deal of good to have a day in the diary that reminds us, all in good faith, not to be such a bunch of miserable dicks all the time.

World Smile Day falls every first Friday in the month of October each year and proudly boasts the token ‘Do an act of kindness – make one person smile.”

It got us to thinking …

Shit, when was the last time we did something for someone without being asked or prompted?
Without being nagged or emotionally blackmailed by our other halves?
Without the burden of any type of obligation?

When was the last time we were kind … just for the sake of being kind?

Have we ever planned a whole day around the notion of being kind? Not around profit, or gain. Not around squeezing the most out of time or getting shit done but, as one human being to another, just simply doing something nice for another person?

And if not, why not?

Aside from planning our own Random Acts of Kindness tomorrow, we’ve designed this Smiley clip-on charm – in honour of founder of the day and charity, Harvey Ball, who designed the graphic icon back in the 60’s and inspired this whole movement.

We’ll be giving these little babies away with any and all orders on World Smile Day, and donating 20% of any profits made on everything sold. So get yours before midnight Friday 4th October by adding your faves to the basket now. Do a little good and get a little smile in return.

Otherwise, we’re off to plant our good-karma seeds – what about you?

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