Valentines Lovin’



Ah, Valentines. Not only does it give us all the warm fuzzies, but plotting and planning for the Day Of Love is getting us through the cold bitch that is January. Sure, Hallmark and a clever bit of marketing may have corrupted it along the way, the big corporations may even have a little collar on it, but since its Roman origins (oh yeah, we know some stuff), it has always been and should always be about love.

Yup, love.
In all its effing beautiful complexity.

So, how’s abouts we take it back? Shout its safeword, give it a sock – whatever freedom metaphor works for you. Why don’t we do away with the extortionately inflated red roses and kiss goodbye to the boxes of chocolates. I mean, a vending machine can give us that, for God’s sake.

How about instead, we celebrate the loves that keep us going.
In the little ways.
And the big.

How about we do something, not just buy something, that gives a shout out to our soul mates.

Yeah – soul mateS. Because, no matter what the greeting cards tell us … we do get more than one, you know.

Your sister, who’s been pulling you out of the shit since you could walk …
Soul Mate.

Your girl gang, who have been giving you free therapy via the group text for years now.
Soul Mates. All of ‘em.

And yeah – the guy / girl you’re gonna marry.
They’re your soul mates too.

Don’t let valentines be the day that you only take the time to appreciate your other half. Let it be a celebration of the many parts of you.

This little tangent, and the bombardment of ads that suddenly crop up all over our feeds, got us to thinking about the things we do to mark these loves – of course, our minds immediately go to our pendants and how matching / contrasting pieces would WIN ALL THE GIFTING. But a little trip around Pinterest also got us thinking about matching tattoos. Come on, if ever there’s a time of year to do it – it’s Valentine’s. (Given half the chance, our brains go to jewellery and tattoos, let’s face it). Here are our favourites … from squad goals to forever loves.



Psssst … in all seriousness, if you need a gift that truly encapsulates a love that defies words – we’ve got you covered. Head to our shop, or get in touch for something bespoke.

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