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Okay, so it’s been violated seven ways to Sunday by Hallmark, pillaged of its sentiment by commercialism but god damn it, do we still love Valentine’s Day. What can we say? We get a bit soft when we wanna.

While some of us are revelling in romance, others would rather skip it altogether for a few gins and a sharer box of McNuggets. Maybe it’s galentines, or maybe your fully committed to the self love club this year. Whatever way your heart is pulling you, we’re advocating for ditching the bad vibes and embracing love – true love – wherever you have it.

For the occasion, Gary’s poured his heart and soul into four new heart designs just for you. Treat him. Treat her. Treat yourself. Screw it, why not?


Beautifully fluid lines etch an endlessly intricate Mandala-inspired pattern into a triple heart design, fusing with it a bold, simple statement with the endless complexity of spiritualism. Got someone in mind that embraces their deeper sense of self? This is the one …


The dolphin represents the emotion of water and the intellect of air combined – in love, symbolising a true joining of mind and soul. Delicately arched into a beautiful heart, with signature CG detailing fluting from the fins.


Love your old school tattoos and Sailor Jerry inspo? Well, of course we couldn’t leave out a tatt classic. A simple heart shape with classic CG linework, updated with a banner and bold, ink-like lettering. LOVE – sometimes, it really is that simple.


Something a little more paired back, simpler and dignified. Embellished with soft laps of waves rising up over the heart, this minimal beauty is all about the love – nothing else necessary.

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