Unblocking The Creative Block

Sure, we’ve just teetered into the glorious, albeit short-lived, ‘fuck it, it’s Christmas’ part of the year, where anything other than day drinking and swapping out meals for tubbed sweets is just a complete waste of the season.

But, just peering smugly around the corner is New Year – a pretty special tick of the clock known for its innate ability to trigger mass rebirth / existential crisis in us all.

Just like that, we all want to be our best selves.
We want to do that think we’ve always wanted to do.
And we want to give up that other thing that we’re pretty sure is killing us.

It’s the baby-boom part of the year for our creative endeavours. Our new adventures. Our brain children.

But … take it from us … with every bold strike of creative genius that befalls you, it is swiftly followed (or even pre-empted) by the rat-bastard that is creative block.

Paralytically debilitating. Soul sucking. General all-round torture from start to sweet, sweet release. Nope, no gift of creative pursuit comes without the heavy dick-punch of creative block … it’s kind of package deal and, alas, the plight of a creative life.

But this year, friends, we’re getting ahead of it.

Blogger Danielle Krysa, otherwise known as ‘The Jealous Curator’, has released a ‘chunky blockbuster of a book’, created for herself as an antidote, released to the general public to assist in spanking that creative block right out of you with a whopping great big dose of inspiration.

Featuring in-depth interviews with over 50 international artists, 300 pictures and that all-important question … ‘what do you do when you’re stuck’, Krysa has created something both beautiful and inspirational to help amateurs and professionals alike find their way through the days where the good stuff just won’t come.

So – if you’re thinking ‘great idea CG, lemme get a piece of that for myself’ OR you know just the person this could help see them through their 2019 rebirth AND you have Prime, then you’re golden. (Here ya go) If not, defo one for the new year.

You’re welcome!

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