To Our Male Role-Models

For those that made us and those that moulded us.
Those that raised us, inspired us, kept us safe and brought us up strong.

Today, we say thank-you.
By reflecting on some of the most important messages we stand to learn from our male role-models.

They rear and revere them. They cheer them on – loudly – as they storm through life, and hold their hand when shit gets hard, reminding them that they have the strength to do whatever they want. They raise their women to take over the world – by instilling every confidence that they are entirely capable of doing precisely that.  

Long before you knew what a fuck-boy was, your Dad had a face that told you that you worth more than the twat that was making you cry. For a lot of us, it wasn’t a female that gave us the gut instinct to get the measure of a man, it was our Dads.

Though the trashy-rags and mentally stunted will have us believe that gender equality is pitching men vs women … we know the fight is with ‘the man’ and not the men. Men are fighting their own battles – as kids, they’re told to ‘man up’, that emotions make them weak. Here’s to the Dads raising their sons, as well as their daughters, to know that we’re all human and should be treated as such.

Those men in your life that raise and shape you will have an unequivocal impact on your perception and definition of love. They set the standard for what you will view as acceptable, and will so accept in your relationships. Kind of like the a template for the love you’ll expect as an adult. So before you let yourself get fucked about another time – ask yourself … is that what you were taught to accept?

Shout out to the Dad’s raising daughters. Or raising their sons to treat another’s daughter right – you’re making the future a better place with the morals you’re giving your kids.

Shout out to them men without kids of their own, but are there in a heartbeat for their nieces / nephews / godchildren – know that your input is both precious and important.

Shout out to those would-be Dad’s, who never had a chance. Or those that did, and lost a part of their heart – our thoughts are with you today.

Shout out to those Dads fighting to see their kids more and to those Mums who are Dads as well – you are warriors, your endless love is noticed and appreciated.

And a special shout out to all of those who are missing their Dad’s today – we’ve got a hug for you. Know that they’re never too far away.

To all of you.

You’re fucking amazing.

Happy Father’s Day

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