The Tattoo Collective 2018


You know, when we started this thing, we kinda thought the internet would be doing the hard work for us in terms of sales. These insta-chicks can stick a bikini on and bust out a downward dog and next thing you know, they’re being paid to sell all kindsa crap. Don’t get us wrong, YAS to that. But, if that’s the e-commerce world we’re looking at … really, how hard could it be?

Turns out … pretty hard.

It became clear pretty quickly that when it comes to building a brand … old fashioned graft works best. Sure, social media will continue to dictate many aspects of the world as we know it … but actually getting out there, setting up shop, meeting people and telling them our story – that’s where the magic is.



So, last week, we packed up our kit and the very slickest in our booty of killer jewellery and headed for the smoke. Destination? The Tattoo Collective – the new tattoo convention showcasing the most mind blowing of talent Britain and Ireland has to offer. This year is was hosted smack bang in the hub-bub of London’s creatives, Brick Lane, the spirit home of the hipster and its many sub-cultural offsprings.

Little did we know on the sun-bleached, practically balmy 16-degree drive south that the weather was preparing a massive middle finger in the form of a snow storm, but even with the white wash and impacted footfall, the event was mega.



Everywhere you looked, the artwork was incredible, the talent almost palpable. To sit amongst that throb of energy and creativity brought a buzz that no weather could tamper with. Pretty much all of the artists were fully booked and although the turnout was lower than expected, those that did show up were the hardcore and truly dedicated. And sweet jesus are they the best to talk to.

We did pretty well out of it ourselves, smashing our sales target over the two days but most importantly, converting a whole new bunch of customers. It was one of the first times we actually got recognised, too, which … we’re not gonna lie … felt pretty damn good.



And like one of the best night’s out … the buzz still hasn’t worn off. If anything, it’s only got us excited for the rest of events we have lined up: The Great British Tattoo show at the end of May and a gig at The Tattoo Collective’s main show at the Tabacco Docks, which everyone has told us is the best show in Europe.

So, ya know what? We’ll be quite happy rising and grinding out there in the physical world, and in the digital world. Opportunity is opportunity at the end of the day. And CG is coming for it.

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