The Strictly Story – What Darcey Wore


We’re a firm believer that success works a little bit like karma. You put good stuff in, you get good stuff out … eventually. What goes around comes around. All that jazz. Of course, it can be helped along by a kick up the arse from a number of factors, too.

Hard work – that’s got to be at the top there, if only for our sanity. You put the grind in, you’ll earn a happy ending to it all. Circumstance – ya know, as much as people like to avoid talking about it, sometimes being serendipitously in the right place at the right time can help a huge number of things fall into place. But people – yep, just knowing some bloody good people – that is a fail-safe maker of success.

You might have noticed that our products got their 15 minutes in the spot light last weekend on the glitziest effing stage we could have hoped to have found ourselves on – slap bang in the middle of Prime Time TV, around the neck of national treasure Darcey Bussell. Oh yeah – Strictly Come Dancing.

One more time – Strictly. Possibly one of the best bits of exposure an up-and-coming British Brand could ask for, achieved entirely through the good word and belief of people.



We’ve got our Barbara to thank for this one (mentioned before, will sure as hell be mentioned again). A friend of a good friend of Darcey, our name was passed along the grapevine until we were recommended to the stylists at Strictly. A couple of weeks ahead of the Halloween special, they got in touch with a special eye on what we could do with the Sugar Skulls in choker form.

So Gary cracked his knuckles and took to his bat cave … uh … workshop. The Sugar Skull is a particular favourite of ours here at CG, and we wanted to create something unique and beautiful for Ms Bussell.

We sent along a standard ‘Sinner’ Choker, a bespoke five-spangled beauty and a simple bespoke single choker. We knew full well how these things work and there was never any promises but a week before the show, we got a call asking for matching earrings. It looked like we were on for a spot on Strictly.

Saturday came, and while Darcey’s costume was killer, there were no Sugar Skulls to be seen. But then Sunday. Beautiful Sunday.

Bespoke Single Choker.
Set of 3 Dropper earrings
Single sugar skull earrings.

The full shebang.



Our social media went bananas, and the site has been ringing with sugar skull orders all week long. A HUGE deal for us and a nice little bit of momentum in terms of BIG WINS in the last month.

A big thanks to the Strictly stylists, our Barbara and – of course – Darcey for having us share the stage with you.

Sugar Skull Earring
Sugar Skull Pendant
Sugar Skull Choker

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