Gary Carter
Designer, Maker & Co-Founder

Despite the state-of-the-art technology that we use at CarterGore to imprint the impeccable detail into each of our pieces, all of our designs are grounded in the dedication to true craftsmanship and the purity of something made by hand. Each creation starts as a drawing, sketched the old fashion way with pen and paper by founder, Gary. Sure, there are computers that could do that for him, but Gary’s quest for perfection means that each element of the process must be moulded by an honest creative journey and his unwavering eye for detail. As such, there isn’t a single piece of jewellery that leaves the CarterGore workshop that hasn’t been made by Gary himself. From start to finish.

Right here in Britain.

And as you explore our ranges, you’ll start to see his handwriting threaded through our products. The tiniest of details that nod to his true love of the process, his respect for the inspirations behind it and his passion for the product he’s creating.

CarterGore was officially born in its current form almost a year ago, when Gary decided to step away from a high-stress, 100-hour work week career to reassess his life and what he wanted to do with it. Hell, life’s too damn short, right? Up until that point, his career had taken him in a diverse range of directions – from building brands from the kitchen table to international success, to supporting some of the biggest names in industry – but his passion for artistry and making things by hand has always brought him back to jewellery. Time and time again.

And so … here we are.

The first breath of life into CarterGore came when Gary found himself with access to a new bit of kit. Brand new technology that would allow him to add a serious level of detail to what he was making. He began to experiment, creating bespoke pieces from commission, on which the ‘Tattoo Candy’ collection was eventually built.

In fact, as well as that love for the one-off, the tattoo culture as a whole became an ingrained part of the brand and a real source of inspiration.

In recent years, what was once a pretty niche scene has exploded into a pacey, vibrant subculture that evolves creatively almost constantly. And within it are some of this generation’s true artists, taking a century old technique and making it their blank canvas. It’s this pulsing hub of ingenuity that Gary is drawn to and admires, which reflects in the both the motifs he uses throughout his work and the core desire to create pieces that are as personal to you as something you’d have inked on your skin.

And as that scene continues to evolve, so does Gary’s work.

Always learning.
Always making.
Always searching for perfection.

Contact Gary at [email protected]

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