The Maker Movement

Our schools teach of the industrial revolution – how steam, electricity and coal transformed the very landscape of our species. But for those of us that straddle that millennial age vortex, we can attest to another that has proved just as profound.

A manufacturing revolution.

World-wide distribution networks and the internet made the world so much smaller, so much more accessible. Suddenly, you could get your hands on so much more. The supply side of the scale shot up exponentially, and so the demand did, too, to counter the balance.

We bought cheap shit for the sake of buying cheap shit. It became a badge of honour how much stuff you could physically own or otherwise dump in a landfill when you got a bit bored of it. Who made it, how it was made or where it was made paled into complete insignificance in the face of convenience.

That dirty whore called consumerism got to us all.

But lately, we’ve felt society start to right itself again, rediscover its conscience. Like any extreme that goes too far, the backlash and the anti-movement swiftly follow to be its own panacea.

The Maker Movement.

It’s how we got to this point. Because consumers started to give a shit again.

In an ocean of cheap tat, quality sang loudest.
So quality started to matter again.

In an industry built on the exploited and abused – ethical awareness found a voice.
So the ethical cost of our stuff became just as important as the monetary.

With the ground full of last seasons buys and broken, barely cared about rubbish – we longed for something to treasure and keep.
So we looked to invest in something that would last.

And just like that, it’s started to change.

No more buying shit for the sake of buying shit.

That’s why we love this video so much – so simple, so pure. It’s almost like meditation for us.

It follows Liziqi, a Chinese craftswoman, as she makes a floor length wool clock by hand from scratch. From roaming the mountains of the Sichuan Provence to buy her wool from a local farm, to dying it with blueberries to get just the right shade through to twisting and weaving it into the perfect finished product.

Making things – beautiful, enriching things that bring something to our lives – is the every best of what we have to give this world in the humblest of ways. Creativity, ingenuity, initiative. Love, pain, commitment.

It really is the purest part of us.

>> See more on Liziqi’s Youtube page

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