The London Tattoo Convention


Clink, clink … clang, clang … hear that? Gary’s got his gear on and is knuckling down in the factory getting us set up for the London Tattoo Convention at the end of this month. Yep, there’s a lot of CG Killer on its way to old London Town. Who’s coming?

On the 28th – 30th September, The Tabacco Dock, a grade 1 listed warehouse in the east end of London and the historical home of exotic exports (a fitting venue, then) – plays host to one of the biggest events in the country … a true celebration and live demonstration of tattoo-culture at its finest.

There’s nothing we love more than setting up stall and feeding off the visceral dynamic of these events – there’s something so energising in it – but we’ve got a special feeling about this one. More than your bog-standard convention, this feels more like a microcosm of the tattoo world – a true representation of it, a genuine hive of authenticity. And that’s even before we’ve set foot in the place.

It may be our first year at the London Tattoo Convention, but this is certainly not the organiser’s first rodeo. The 14th year of this event promises to be a legitimate spectacular – with more than 400 of the very best international tattoo artists, art and illustration exhibitions, traders (hello), dancers, performers and live music.



If you haven’t got yourself tickets yet (and didn’t win our competition), we seriously recommend you slide on over to the event’s site and have a good think about booking yourself on. Gary and Cathy will be set up for the weekend with our finest CarterGore killer, whose got bets on what will do best?

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