The Launch


After weeks of preparation, Cathy and Gary loaded up the van and headed south to London for The Great British Tattoo Show and CarterGore’s official launch. Yus! Thirty degree heat, a straight run and zero traffic on a bank holiday weekend. Yep … definitely a good omen.

It took a total of eight hours to set up the stand – four to lay it out and another four to set out the jewellery – and you can see why, right? A hell of a lot of work went into just about every facet of the display. The cabinet was vintage, lovingly restored in Gary’s garage on the run up; the mannequins were genuine tailor’s mannequins. Even the hand mirrors were carefully selected pieces, dolled up with a bit of CarterGore accessorising.

So much prep. So much graft. So much anticipation.



The Tattoo show itself roared to life in a hectic, raging blaze of colour, ink and energy. And, yeah, even some fire. (No, seriously, they had fire eaters). The stand had a ton of interest right from the off, the authenticity of the range calling to the true purists there to either get inked by one of the top 300 talented artists in residence that weekend or to simply soak in the atmosphere.

Unsurprisingly, the classic designs were our proverbial hotcake – the sugar skulls absolutely killing it for us, closely followed by the Russian dolls and wings. But it was the pieces that pay homage to our canine friends that sold out … turns out no one loves their dogs more than guys and gals with ink.



We sold a lot of pieces, we talked to a lot of great people and we got a huge amount of inspiration.

We were embraced at The Great British Tattoo Show, which had an incredibly welcoming and accepting vibe. Nothing was too wild, or out of the ordinary, and the culture that breeds is so liberating. After no more than a couple of hours, chatting away to a bloke with a fully tattooed head … totally normal.

The artworks on display could make your jaw swing open and damn … do these guys know how to put on a show. Bands, fire eaters, dancers – combined with mingling between 300 fully booked tattoo artists creating incredible pieces of work – the sheer spectacle of it was electric.

A big thanks to everyone who came down to see us at V5 during the event. It was great to meet you. Welcome to the CarterGore family.

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