The Great British Tattoo Show – Back To Business

Ah, The Great British Tattoo Show – they reaaaaally didn’t overplay themselves when they named it. Our third annual visit to the event, some things hadn’t changed: a banging atmosphere, first and foremost, a thrum of healthy footfall on a blissfully sunny day and a roster of lighting amazing tattoo artists to gawp at all weekend long. Yeah, no magic was lost there.

But, ya know, some things were definitely different.

Our first year, it was all about the storytelling – meeting new people and landing the CarterGore name on their radar for the very first time. Starting from scratch. Literally. It was where we launched as CarterGore. This year, we welcomed back more and more of our ‘Addicted’ crew, the CG squad, topping up their collections with whatever was new. A small turn in the tide, but it felt effing amazing.

You know how they say ‘it takes a village’? Well, we always knew that genuine growth in a world that prizes likes over everything else, would take PEOPLE. Our people. You people. Beautiful fucking people. And for one of the first times since we started, we really started to feel the strength in that community.

We noticed a definitive steer towards the smaller pieces and the charm bracelets, with their easy personalisation, went down well. Dogs, as always, was a clear winner – lawd knows the inked community do love themselves their fur babies – with a huge amount of our sales actually coming from the tattoo artists working the event once they’d earnt a bit on the first day.

Just like every other year, the work we witnessed was insane – intricate and inspiring – but what struck us most was the real sense of journey. You know, sometimes you get so buried in the rubble of the path you’re digging ahead, that you forget to lift your fucking head and appreciate the road you’ve travelled so far.

This weekend, standing in the same electric atmosphere, surrounded by the same shittingly incredible artists, we got a small peep at how far we’ve come. And it felt so good.

A big thank-you to the team behind The Great British Tattoo Show, as ever … we had the best time.

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