The Great British Tattoo Show 2018


300 of the country’s best tattoo artists, vendors, traders and mohwak-toting mega babes … I mean … what more could you possibly want from an event?

We headed to the smoke for The Great British Tattoo Show once again this year, setting up for a scorching weekend in Alexandra Palace. Last year, the weekend fell under the shadow of the tragic Manchester bombings and footfall – though not spirit – kinda suffered as a result. This year, you could feel the step-change in vibe in the atmosphere. The hum of a three-day party about to rage into life.

Our kinda place.



We noticed another change this year, too. We met familiar faces, brand new faces and definitely more faces that knew our faces. CarterGore has certainly done some growing over the last year, and we could really feel that in the reception we got at the stand. Best sellers for the weekend were hands down the Texas Longhorn (oldie but a goodie), the dagger, anchor and the sugar skull – all thrown straight on to add a bit of CG killer to some mighty fine looking sartorial statements.




Tattoo culture was the inspirational catalyst for just about everything CarterGore and will always continue to be, so being right at the pulse of all that’s real and raw with that world is a thrill we’re simply incapable of tiring of. Hey, Cathy even got herself a lil bit of ink.



After a hella weekend, we packed up our gear and headed back north. Making a stop at Steffan’s on the way home to check in on our diamonds launch.

Oh, what?
Our diamonds launch?

Yeah, pal.
This weekend.
Find us on social and keep updated.
(Otherwise, we’ll see you here next week for a pictorial).


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