The Future Is Female


Less than a 100 years ago, a woman’s place was to be. Not to think. Not to speak. Just to be.
And to ‘be’ as an extension of something else. Someone else.

Pop those babies out, keep a nice home, don’t embarrass your husband. But, most importantly, know your damn place.

Emmeline Pankhurst. Susan B. Anthony. Madelin Breckinridge.
Centuries of intellectual bare-knuckle scrapping in lace and skirts for the tiniest hint of equality. For the right to speak and think and want.

Shit, for the right to be for our own selves.

To have our own identities. Our own desires. Our own will.
We’ve had to prove we deserve it – earn it – every step of the way.

It’s never been ours by right, but by fight.

Generations of battle have bred a new form of female – audacious, fearless and wickedly sharp. There are no damsels in distress around here, but still … the past perpetuates itself.

Girls wear pink and play with Barbie dolls.
Your life is incomplete without your knight and shining armour and the big white dress.
Hey, don’t act like that … it’s not lady-like.
We’ll market and profitise your sexuality, but celebrate it yourself …? Whore.
Nearing thirty? Where the fuck are your kids?
Sure, you should get paid a shit ton less than the bloke doing the same job as you.
You’re a slut, but he’s a player.
You’re too fat. Be more like her. But not her, she’s too thin.

Sound familiar?



Sure, the future is female. Make no mistake, the world is ours. But there’s some graft to do to get there.

Us? Well, we’re with that new generation. The one that’s got the shoe options to stomp all over the dregs of a time not meant for us. The gals that do. That shrugged off the insipid expectation of earning the right to think and feel and be. That’s ours – bought and paid for by the female fight before us. Just you fucking try and take it away.

We Do.
We Live.
Without apology. Without conformity. Without even a second thought.

Disturbers of the standard. Disrupters of archaic expectations. Mavericks of gender.
That is our CarterGore girl. That is who we celebrate here.

That is who we are.



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