The First Shoot

Your first official shoot is a pretty big-ass deal. What is it they say? A picture speaks a thousand words? Yeah, well, when that thousand words is everything you need to say about your brand – a brand you’ve invested a lifetime worth of passion in, plus a whole heap of blood, sweat and tears in the last year – then you’ve got to be damn sure you’re getting it right first time.

So, we had to find ourselves some talent.
And Jesus H Christ, did we.



We wanted to assemble a ‘dream team’, a collective of creatives that could collaborate to bring to life our vision of what CarterGore should ‘look’ like … in the flesh. And we wanted them to be local – for the shoot to be getting its hands dirty in Liverpool soil, so to speak.

So, we went to the very best, the gurus of their industry because, let’s face it … is there any safer hands?

Lorraine McCullock joined the crew as Stylist, Zoey Stirrett for hair and make-up and the frankly sickeningly talented Viktorikja Grigorjevaite of Sane Seven as our photographer. With our very own Gary and Cathy Carter there to steer the ship, everyone brought their own cog to what quickly became a mighty well-oiled machine. After the first few click-click-clicks of the camera, we knew we were making some magic.


‘The Freestyler’ – that wickedly cool girl that somehow fills the air in any room with a charge of electricity, who mixes and matches her style as she damn well pleases and who you just can’t seem to take your eyes off once you’ve clocked her. She was brought to life by Ellie Powers – 17 years old and taking London by storm. Look out for that incredible scowl on the pages of Vogue pretty soon.

‘The Professional Rebel’ – she’s the freestyler that’s stuck a foot into adulthood. She’s got a day job and she pays her rent on time, but as soon as she clocks off … all bets are off. Tinna Berges embodied our Rebel, she’s an Icelandic supermodel and lit up the studio with well-practiced fire from the very first shot.

‘The Madonna Years’ – now our Madonna has done her 9-5, she slayed the career and has come out the other side. She knows exactly who she is and won’t apologise for it or dial it down. Her style is hers now, she’s earnt it. Our very own stunning Cathy Carter slipped into the leather pants of our Madonna for the shoot, and owned every last ounce of it. Yeowsa.

The day was an absolute blast, starting out in the studio in the morning and then hitting the streets of Liverpool. The only problem now is figuring out which ones to pick!



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