The Callings Of A Creative

We are proud to call ourselves a collective of creatives here at CarterGore. We make with our hands, we make with our minds but most importantly … we make with our hearts.

Known often as fickle, fiery beasts, being a creative can be both a gift and a curse and as we reflect on how proud we are of the creative process that gets us to our products – we thought of some common calling cards of a creative. Hands up who feels us …

The Jagged Line

Nothing, I repeat, absolutely fucking nothing is a linear line when it comes to trying to make something. At least, not anything worth your time and energy. There is no A to B, not even really a start and a finish line. Creativity comes at the price of walking the jagged line – of living with your work through the peaks and troughs of it both simultaneously lighting up your life and making you want to die … often all in the same day.

You Live & Breath Through The Success Of Your Work

Your work is not just a product or a commodity, it’s a very extension of self. Something that you have, quite literally, pored blood, sweat and tears into. It’s an emotional thing, rational objectivity, then, can quite frankly go fuck itself. If it feels like your work is doing well, it nourishes you in a whole load of magical ways … if it feels like it’s struggling, well then … pass the goddamn tequila.

Oh, you didn’t know? Being a creative can involve a lot of alcohol (at least in our case).

Confidence Is Cyclical

You go through this odd tidal wave of feelings as you bring a brain child to fruition.

This could be amazing.
Shit, I’m going to make this amazing thing.
Oh fuck, it’s really hard to make this amazing thing.

Fuck my actual life.
Nah, mate, it’s shit.
Oh, actually, no … it’s amazing. I’m so proud of it!
Is it amazing? Is it shit?
Don’t look at it yet!
It’s ready. It’s amazing. I love it.

It’s exhausting and exhilarating and part of the process that is consistent. Rinse and repeat.

Nothing Is Ever ‘Finished’

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because something is out on the market, available for others to see, available to buy, that it’s finished. Nothing ever, truly, is complete. It’s as close as we feel we could get it and shit, we’re still really proud of it … but somewhere deep down is a little bitch of a voice reminding us of the things we didn’t quite get right or the stuff we’d do differently next time.

There’s Nothing We’d Rather Be Doing

Even days where it feels like we’re carving out parts of our soul to build something – it’s worth it. To see something grow and come alive, something you’ve dreamt about and designed in your mind – there’s nothing quite like it. The peaks and the troughs, the highs and the lows … man, are we junkies for the whole lot of it.


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