The Cactus Story


Every CarterGore piece has a story. A narrative all its own as it takes its journey from first touch on pencil to paper through to the shining, silvery, slick-as-hell beauty of a finished product. Our upcoming ‘Cute Cactus’ capsule collection is no different and as we hear the distant ‘click click click’ of the imagery being shot for our store, here’s a little update on that process.



Cacti have been everywhere lately, from homeware through to fashion and accessories – our prickly little pals have made it big. But our take on the cactus, as ever, takes a little bit of a different perspective. Forever a huge source of inspiration, Gary delved into the tattoo world’s interpretation of the cactus, scouring the web for cool visuals and pulling out key trends, shapes and details. Then the first sketches began.

Layer on layer, bit by bit … the first of the collection was born, settled in its pot, swathed in classic CarterGore heart details … it had immediate personality. Complete sass. And we bloody loved it. Another cactus followed, and another until we have a family of four.

Iteration … iteration … iteration.
Design takes time. Art even longer.
But we reckon these guys are worth it.

They’re named (hells yeah) and almost ready to launch in the store. All that’s left for you guys to do is to decide which one’s your fave, yeah?


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