The Accidental Photographer

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it’s born right in front of us – it’s in a split second captured and preserved in time. Reality given an everlasting narrative. Other times, it’s an entirely new concept born fresh and new, something inconceivable to others, unique to the artist. Breath-taking as you try and riddle out its DNA.

And other times, it happens by accident. It happens by perspective. By a different point of view. This is possibly our favourite kind of creative wonder, because it was always there for anyone to see … but existed undiscovered until the right set of eyes came across it. It’s our favourite because it affirms that creativity is everywhere, at all times, and that some of the best ideas are out there, just waiting to be found.

‘Accidental Photographer’ Francois Dourlen is the master of this kind of observational creativity. The right perspective at the right time. His work seamlessly meshes well known and most loved fictional characters – from the Simpsons to Star Wars – into real life, every day mundanery to create an image that tickles the imagination whilst simultaneously drawing out a surprised ‘ha’ from its viewers.

You tilt your head to the side, you squint a little. You wonder why in the heck you’ve never done something similar.

It all started as a joke with his friends, where he used polaroids to cover their heads and snap the results. This evolved over the following two years where, throughout a meteoric rise to Insta-fame, he attracted the attention of Disney, Marvel, Playstation and Netflix, who are now amongst his paying clients. Yep, they pay the man to travel the world fusing their characters into his creations. Not too shabby, eh?

Above all else, though, we see his grid as a call to action for all of us. ‘Being creative’ does not need to be with paint brushes or big-ass fancy equipment. It doesn’t need years of training. It can happen in a split second, a moment of inspiration, a glance into your perspective. Have a go – what do you see?

Check out Francois’ Instagram for little sparks of creative joy in your stream.

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