When it comes to Halloween, we reckon there’s two types of girls. The first are the sexy gals, you know the kind – often frequent the naughty nurse / black cat / that one from suicide squad type of costumes. You know, anything with visible stockings. Hey, why dress up if you don’t turn a few head’s, right?

The second are the type that go the whole nine yards. That see the opportunity to let their inner freak out and embrace it in the very depths of their twisted black souls. The real life Wednesdays. The used-to-be emos and tortured creative types. More likely to actually scare the living shit out of you while your head is turning.

Well … whether you’re a glam goddess with a spooky edge or an all out walking nightmare, one thing’s for sure: Halloween is coming up fast and we need some Spookspiration. Because if we see one more goddamn Harley Quinn, we swear to all that’s Holy …

So, we’ve trawled the depths of the gram to find the gals that are lighting up their grid with freaky fun – just in time to stock up on facepaint. You’re welcome.


Lizzie from Poland creates make-up masterpieces from the minimal and exquisitely detailed to the otherworldly. We love her takes on classic sugar skulls (there’s a few) and the layers of fine detail in her work.


Ciara from Ireland always look chic and regal, no matter her looks but we love how she plays with scale and contouring to bring real diversity to her grid. Particularly in love with the clown look (top left).


A little different to the others, we get more ‘twisted-dark-fairytale’ vibes from these looks than classic character-driven Halloween. A little more niche, super creative, quite a bit further left field. If you really want to creep people out, offering up something unique like this will get you the win.


Be still, our freaky hearts. Sydney Nicole is just Halloween GOALS, like the perfect love child between Tim Burton and a Barbie Doll-goes-goth. The Nightmare Before Christmas looks are giving us chills.


If you want to keep your look a little more on the low-key, then mother of three cats Lou could be the perfect spookspiration for you. Doling out cutting Wednesday Adams vibes, along with Natalie Portman a la Leon (1994), we love her more ‘decorative’ take on halloween makeup.


Aaaaand, if you’re looking for something that’s very likely to make grown men cry WHILST slaying all day long, then this is your girl for the inspiration. Her clown look gave us the creeps in all the best ways and her pumpkin look is classy AF.

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