Sketchbook Wanderlust


Since the earliest iteration of mankind, we’ve been drawing. Making a mark. On just about any surface we could reach and with anything we could get our hands on. If you think about it, drawing is actually the purest and most time-endured form of self-expression, language and communication we’ve got. (Shit, that got deep pretty quickly but stay with us).



Creativity has warped and evolved just like we have, becoming entwined and often dependant on technology. We draw with pixels now, communicate with the one of the plethora of mediums available at to us with the breeziest of convenience. And that’s effing fantastic – the more ways to create the better, as far as we’re concerned – but it makes us wonder … have we lost touch with a part of ourselves that’s clearly so inherent. Have we sacrificed the instinctual for the intellectual?



Computers brought about the biggest behavioural shift of human kind since the industrial revolution and then god knows what before that. How we live and what we do has transformed entirely. We’ve raised ourselves to believe that creating art is for the select, exceptionally talented few. That colouring is for children. That we’re ‘bad’ at drawing, so we should stop.



But you know what? There’s something about the primitive tactility of drawing that’s still so addictive to us – all of us. The caress of paper against the curled up pad of your palm as you sweep and arch and scratch. A little bit of your soul left as you lift the nib from the surface. There’s a special kind of magic in physically putting your hands on something blank, and leaving something behind when you’re finished. Whether that’s a doodle, a masterpiece or a fricking aesthetic mess. Jeez, you only have to take a look at the killing the mindfulness colour books are making to know there’s a connection between drawing and the wellbeing our baser selves.



All of our pieces of jewellery start with drawings. Scribbles, then detail, then the iterations after iterations to get it just perfect. Drawing is soul food – we have no doubt about it.



This week, we wanted to both share with you our favourite instas to follow for some serious sketchbook porn and also give you the kick up the hiney to put pen to paper yourself. When was the last time you drew? And why the heck has it been that long?



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