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Whilst our British retail industry seems to be having a cluster-fuck of a crisis, possibly the biggest and most surreal of a generation (thanks Brexit), it may seem bat-shit crazy for an edgy, up-and-coming, digital brand to be making moves to get into Retail.

But we are.

Because although footfall is on the decline on the highstreet in general and the convenience of online shopping will only continue to be King in our busy day-to-day lives, there’s something about the more intimate and experiential of purchases – like jewellery, for example – that requires a more sentient and sensorial interaction to justify the spending of hard earnt cash.

So, this year, we made it part of our brand strategy to grow our retail presence, through the shit-hot partnerships with like-minded brands. That roster is starting to grow, so we wanted to start shouting out those partnerships and the independents that stock us – especially on the run up to Christmas.

Hill & Hill, a brand spanking new store in Altringham, are our newest addition to that Retailers Roster and just the perfect alignment of brands for us. A cool vibe, a similar aesthetics, their shop fit even felt almost like our stall set ups … from the word go, it felt like the ideal home for our range.

Owned by industry trainer and co-owner of independent retailer Wave, Jo and her partner Alex, former TV producer – Hill & Hill is still young but already making impact – with CG quickly seeing good traction with their customers.

We can’t wait to see that store grow roots – it’s gonna be mega. If you’re nearby, pop in and say hello … and pick up some CarterGore … obvs.

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