Resolution Shmesolution

It’s happened already. No sooner had the bells of January 1st chimed brightly on New Year’s day, did we collectively as a society decree that no fresh start logically happens on a Tuesday. Come on now. Nope, not a Wednesday, either. A Thursday? Who the hell are you kidding? That’s practically Friday.

The ‘new us’ was postponed until the following Monday, when all good things start, right? But by then, that New Years optimism had dwindled a little bit … the working week hit us like a brick in the face and we’re still only halfway through the Christmas booze and chocolate. Fuck it, it’s all kind of gone to shit anyway.

‘Resolutions’ can be the very best of our intentions – but they’re almost always destined to fall flat on their arse.

You know why?

All too often, our resolutions are about stopping, or giving up, or losing something. We kind of half heartedly put them together to have something to respond with when we’re asked about it back at the office but … really … be honest. How many of us carefully select our resolution as something we only give half a shit about so that when we give up on it, it’s sort of no big deal?

Yup. Classic.
We all do it.

But it’s a waste, my friends.

You know why?

A New Year can be a fresh start. A chance to reflect. And reset. So instead of asking yourself what you need to stop, or give up, or lose – why not ask yourself what you want to do, where do you want to go, what do you want to learn?

Set yourself targets – how much do you want save this year? How many countries do you want to see? Instead of Dry January, why not Try January – where you go and visit a local you’ve never stepped foot in or order from a nearby brewery? No one else wants to take that weekend gin buzz from you, pal.

And the stuff you know you really need to change … well, it takes 66 days to form a habit and a habit is when you know you’ve turned it round. Every day you put off starting until Monday, is a day you cheat yourself of that beautiful day 66.

Write a list. Check it off as you go. This is 2019 … 12 months of wondrous possibilities. What the fuck are you going to do with it, then?

Whatever it is, from all of us here at CG, we hope it’s effing amazing.

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