Sinner bangle

Sinner bangle

from 50.00

Thin Width: £50.00
Sterling Silver
5.0 x 1.5mm (letter height 3.0mm)

Medium Width: £70.00
Sterling Silver
6.5 x 1.5mm (letter height 4.0mm)

Thick Width: £90.00
Sterling Silver
8.5 x 2.0mm (letter height 6.0mm)

FREE P&P WORLDWIDE (for orders over £50.00)

Small - fits wrists 140-150mm (thin/medium/thick widths)
Medium - fits wrists 160-170mm (thin/medium/thick widths)
Large - fits wrists 170-180mm (thin/medium/thick widths)
For larger sizes please contact us:

Carnival Wonderland
One word. It’s amazing what you can say with just one word. Just one word, immortalised in a true Carnival aesthetic and inscribed into solid silver jewellery. Fresh, contemporary, no messing around.

Layer them up. Build your own story.
Find the piece that talks your talk.

Go Bespoke
A true one off. Beautifully bespoke. If there’s something you have in have in mind that you wanna commission, or if you need a guiding hand bringing your ideas to life … reach out, let’s get talking... it’s all about expressing your personal style.

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