Product Focus – The Seahorse

Tiny little sea creatures … magical pixies of the ocean … the males carry the babies – that’s about all there is to know about the seahorse, right? Turns out, not so much. As with anything in our range, the symbols our customer commissions are entwined with so much personal investment – emotion, memory, somatic markers – and there’s nothing we love more than exploring what might be behind each of them.

The History –

The seahorse, and it’s associated symbolism, has been revered for thousands of years amidst ancient Greeks, European alchemists and across Asia. In Rome and Greece, considered sacred to Poseidon and Neptune, Gods of the sea. It has depicted power and authority, especially in matters of emotion and intuition, but also strength.

No Fucks Given –

Calm, mild-mannered, measured creatures, they’re built for ambling, rather than speed, representing patience and contentment as a spirit animal, a happiness to roam at the pace of the sea and be where they are when they’re there.

Just Hold On –

When the sea turns rough, though, a seahorse wraps its tail around the nearest anchor and holds firm until the storm has passed. Stubborn, persistent and strong – knowing when to grip tight and see it through and when to let go and move on.

Practically Perfect In Every Way –

A seahorse is also one of the only creatures left on this planet that has seen practically no evolution since its inception. It’s biologically and structural perfect for the life it keeps and almost entirely unique. In a wearer of a seahorse pendant, we link this to a self confidence that can’t be fucked with, people who are perfectly content with who they are, with no need to change with the tide.

In Short –

Our seahorse pendant is just perfect for anyone in your life that is adaptive, able to see out storms and go with the flow, who keeps calm and rises above no matter what and above all else – stays entirely themselves.

Magical pixies of the sea, indeed.


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