Product Focus – The Hummingbird


Our collection of jewellery has been a journey, a timeline as our lives of CarterGore. Unlike most lines that you find about these days, it was never ‘developed’ or ‘conceived’. We didn’t sit around meeting tables and talk about buys and cohesion and trends. We didn’t tell our story through the pieces, define our brand and its narrative in the symbols we selected to craft. In fact, for that first spark of inspiration, it wasn’t about us at all. If anything, our range today stands as a lovingly curated collection of other people’s stories.

You see, if we throw back to the very beginning – all of our emblems were commissions, personality pendants of the customers we created them for. Literal bits of their character drawn into the swirls and arches, the hearts and curves. We created something unique, truly bespoke, for them.

Special, right?

Throughout our lives, there’s symbols we attach ourselves to – they become emotive triggers for sentiment, memories, feelings. Powerful stuff.

That a whole sense of self can be crafted in silver or gold, that an image could stand for something, could depict a part of who we are. It’s magic, really … the true magic, of what we do.

Sometimes we get the full story. Sometimes we get an imprint of the person we’re creating for. Other times, it’s just the symbol – and the narrative stays still and silent underneath, known only to the wearer.

The Hummingbird is a particularly interesting one. A piece that we created for commission, that we loved so much that we put it into the range. But one that has so many layers of symbolism and meaning that it took some digging to unearth it. And, ya know what? We think we might love it even more now. Here’s a few reasons why.



#1 – They beat their wings in the motion of an infinity symbol. Didn’t know that? Nah, us either. It makes the Hummingbird a beautifully simple, yet unique, symbol of eternity, fidelity and always. Much better than a crappy 8, anyway.

#2 – They’re hella amazing migrators. In fact, those tiny lil things cover 2000 miles every year, capturing the spirit of an intrepid explorer, a wondering spirit, a creature destined to travel far without fear or reservation.

#3 – They’re always on the hunt for the perfect nectar. Not the easiest to reach nectar, but the very best. They’re tireless in their pursuit for it, too, searching deeper than any other bird to make sure they get it. The best, not the easiest.

#4 – They’re tenacious, persistent and energetic, known for their adaptability and resiliency while maintaining a playful, optimistic outlook.


Sound like someone you know? Well, the Hummingbird is their spirit animal.

And for more than one of the above, we think it might be ours, too.

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