Product Focus – The Hamsa Hand

Hamesh, Khamsa, Chamsa, Al-Kaff, Hand Of Fatima.

The Hamsa Hand is known by many names, all over the world by a whole bunch of religions and cultures. Although it’s believed to date back as far as ancient Egypt, it’s true origins remain mostly unknown. The only thing that’s known for sure, is that the Hamsa predates Judaism, Christianity and Islam – though it’s revered as a talisman of divine protection in each of them.

Facing down, the hand is said to evoke answers to prayers and manifestations.
Facing up, it’s a universal ward against evil.

Fingers spread – it’s fighting off the evil eye, a malicious stare believed to cause bad voodoo like illness, bad luck or even death.
Fingers closed – it means good luck.

(Any way we can get both … right?)

Whatever form your Hamsa takes, it’s been believed to bring the wearer success, harmony and protection from evil for thousands and thousands of years.

In ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), The Hamsa adopted the name ‘Hand Of Fatima’ as it’s popularly known now by the Birkenstock-clad crew. So named after Fatima, daughter of Mohammed, the name and the amulet both became an embodiment of female strength.

At that time, women were under immense expectation to procreate. Children were reared for the sole purpose of becoming mothers themselves. Bearing a child was a necessity – the true measure of purpose for a women’s life. To women of that day, The Hand Of Fatima brought them fertility, good health and success. Now, in modern pop-culture, it’s been reclaimed as a manifestation of femininity and power.

The question is … what does the Hamsa mean to you?

Maybe motherhood is your next adventure – the Hamsa has been summoning fertility since the dawn of time.

Perhaps your girl is healing her heart, and needs a reminder that she has all the strength she needs inside her.

Or … maybe you’re just really conscious that life can be a real bitch from time to time, and could do with a little something something to bring you all the luck you can get.

Ringing any bells?

The Hamsa. The Hand Of Fatima. The Al-Kaff – whatever you want to call it, whatever it means to you. This is the pendant you need.

Traditionally, a Hamsa Hand is made of silver – a metal believed to represent purity and hold magical properties but we do it in Gold, too. Sure, we’re still waiting for payday on the 31st January, but Valentines is fast approaching and, well, you fucking deserve it.  

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