Product Focus – The Butterfly

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – jewellery is so explicitly intimate. Personal. The more and more bespoke pieces we create, the more that comes to life for us in fine detail.  

The stories we hear as we draw up unique designs – Jesus, they’re incredible. We swear, there’s pieces of people’s hearts and souls etched into the line work.

Sometimes, their narrative is right there in the commission. You can see the symbolism before Gary has touched pencil to paper, you know what that piece is being forged to represent. Other times, it’s not until we do the research that the story plays out.

The butterfly, for example. It’s pretty, it’s feminine – there’s basic bitch tattoos at bases of spines and ankles of the things from here to Timbuktu. You could, if you wanted, think of it no further than that. You want a butterfly? Sure, we can do you a butterfly.

But, ya know, when it comes to spiritual symbolism in the form of animals – the butterfly is actually one of the most venerated and profound motifs of powerful transformation, endurance and the very essence of life itself.

For millennia, civilisations, cultures and even religions have associated the image of a butterfly with our souls, the beauty of life unfolding and even resurrection. To collapse into darkness, smothered and lifeless, only to emerge nourished, more powerful and with – let’s face it – a MUCH cuter outfit is a journey that we can all hope and aspire to.

In short: when it all gets a bit shit, within us all there’s always the ability to come back stronger and more beautiful for our battles.

Some go as far as to say that seeing a butterfly is a hat tip that great change is on its way. Others see it a message from a loved one they’ve lost.

Us? We think the butterfly is a great symbol of a change you’ve overcome, or are fighting to overcome. We grow through what we go through, after all. Whatever meaning you take from it though, one thing’s for sure … that butterfly, she’s no basic bitch.

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