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If you make a pit stop here on the regular, you’ll remember the precise moment we got engulfed by the history and symbolism of Sailor Jerry and the fact that it still to this day informs so much of the tattoo world’s culture. It’s a movement, a cultural cornerstone. Plus, ya know, they also make some killer rum. (And that’s important, right?)

It was less like a flash of inspiration and more like we’d bathed in it. Our research influenced the design of a new range of CarterGore pendants, crafted in our own distinct handwriting with all the love and respect of a true homage.

The Swallow.
The Crown.
The Anchor.
The Dagger.



The dagger is an interesting one, symbolism wise, as – unlike the swallow or the anchor that has held tight to its ‘meaning’ over time – the dagger is a little more mercurial. Flexible. Open to creative interpretation.

Depending on who’s drawing it, or what it’s drawn with, the meaning behind the dagger shifts and slides. Death, heartache, purpose, ambition, betrayal, fearlessness. Shit … the duality and complexity of life comes up if you want to get all deep and meaningful about it. They’re all quoted as historical meanings behind the tattooed dagger icon.



For us? Well … we see it as a little bit of a warning. The hint at a sharper edge, a steely resolve, the wink of you-don’t-know-what-I-have-up-my-sleeve. A pretty, shiny and discrete display of power that has a mighty sharp bite to it.


It speaks of a ferocity of spirit. Of defiance. And just the right amount of danger.

A CarterGore special if ever we saw one.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get yoself one. 

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