Postcards From Skiathos


Doing what you love is all kinds of incredible.
Pouring your heart and soul into something and watching it flicker and come to life.
Seeing it unfurl, finally, in the face of your relentless passion.
Flourish under your unwavering commitment to its success.

Yup, following your dreams, backed only by your ambition, brings the freedom and sense of self-reward that they all talk about. And then some. Seriously, we could sit here and wax lyrical about it for a good few hundred words but the cliff notes? To live in a reality that’s moulded by you alone is truly breath-snatchingly exhilarating and to live a life entirely untainted by what ifs and maybes is almost poetic. A relief. A gift.

How does that Eric Hansen quote go? “What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?”

You’ve got to jump to know.



You know what the pretty Pinterest quotes don’t tell you?

It’s also fucking hard work.

Sick? You gotta keep grafting.
2am? Deadline. Keep grafting.
Christmas? Bank Holiday? Birthday? … Want to keep this thing alive? Then Just. Keep. Grafting.

Nothing comes from nothing and this shit is tough.
You don’t just invest everything you own in your dreams. You invest everything you are. Everything you know.
And don’t know … yet.
Everything you feel.
Everything you’ve done before.
And everything you learn to do to make it work.

Because, let’s be clear about this … when you’re doing what you love – when you’ve made that jump and got a feel for what it’s like to fly, even if it does involve the occasional free fall –  it simply has to work.



But we’re all old enough and ugly enough here to know that all work and no play makes for simultaneous mental and emotional breakdowns swiftly followed by total burn out and medicinal intervention. Stress … it’ll get us all if we don’t learn how to balance the books somehow.

To make this work, we have to work.
And that requires some R&R.

Hence the very reason Gary and Cathy pack up once a year and head off to Skiathos – a Greek island in the northwest Aegan Sea, known for its stunning beaches and popping nightlife – a paradise. It’s the all-important yin ‘play hard’ to their yang ‘work hard’ and their home away from home come August.




But, of course, you can take the grafter out of the hustle but you can’t quite take the hustle out of the grafter. Along with a month’s worth of swimwear, they also pack a swag back of CarterGore killer, because you never know when an impromptu beach-side pop up is called for. Hey, we gotta cover that booze bill somehow.

The hearts, daggers and ever-popular longhorn pendants are this year’s favourites with the yellow gold doing particularly well in the sea, sand and sunshine. We even provided His & Hers hummingbirds as a wedding gift for the Economou family wedding (think royal wedding at Island scale – crazy extravagant).

Year on year, we’re building more of a following out there, with customers recognising CG and building their collection. With just a week left of their annual pilgrimage left, if you’re floating about Skiathos – be sure to look out for the tell-tale glint of CG Killer … Gary and Cathy won’t be too far away.

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