Pit Bull Flower Power


If you type ‘Pitbull dog’ into google (because just typing Pitbull will pull you up some god awful rap shite), the top three results look like this:

Are pitbulls banned in the UK?
Are pitbulls aggressive?
What it the meanest dog?

For god knows how long, pit bulls have been demonised by society, made myths of by the very creatures that baited and bread them into what we now fear and portrayed as some kind of hellhounds.

Every year, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized and 40% of those are pit bulls. That’s half a fucking million dogs killed every twelve months … simply due to misconception and fear.



Sarah Gamand was scared of them, too. An award winning photographer, Sarah has been working with animal shelters for a long time, lovingly creating portraits of animals in need of adoption – all in a bid to find them a forever home. Pitbulls, at first, made her freeze, petrified, whenever she passed them.

Then she got to know them. And how playful, gentle and truly loving they could be. Knowing that they were one of the most neglected and abused breeds in shelters across the US, Sarah turned her camera towards capturing a softer side of them, one that represented what they could be, if loved enough.



The series is called Pit Bull Flower Power, and since 2014 has captured more than 250 portraits of pooches and their personalities, rocking some serious floral head gear, all waiting for a loving home. The imagery challenged both her as photographer, and the viewer, to experience pitbulls for the very first time again, with an open mind and with a fresh perspective. The collection can now be bought in a coffee table book and in prints from her online store.



This series has got us all inspired. We love our canine pendants – pitbull anyone?

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