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The first shoot we ever did was kinda momentous. Like, we knew exactly what CarterGore was, the uninhibited spirit of it was immediate for those that carefully crafted it. From the very first, it was already a living, breathing thing. But the photoshoot, the team, damn … it just gave it a pulse, ya know?

More than a year on, we’ve learnt a trick or two, CarterGore’s image has evolved, then settled, establishing itself amongst its myriad of influences and inspirations. Now, we don’t need a photoshoot to define the brand, but we do want the brand to define a photoshoot. Oh yeah, it’s high time we do this thing again.

But what should stay the same, what should change?
What is CG lifeblood and what’s moved on?

Well, it’s all up for debate. But one thing’s for sure.
We need Ellie.



She was a bit of a score for us the first time around – clearly well out of our league, a model right on the very cusp on some mega-ass super-stardom. The first time she popped that pout and furrowed those brows, we were low-key obsessed. That scowl became the face we built our brand on.

So, Ellie’s the no-brainer. She’ll be taking the starring role in the narrative we’re cooking up for the shoot, the life dripped in CarterGore that we’ll immerse and get lost in. We’re steering away from the campaign-like imagery and going for something more editorial – earthier, grungier, more reportage. Something more … real.

Ellie will embody and bring to life our CG girl.
In all her complex idiosyncrasies and millennial contradictions.
The crackling electricity of a brewing hurricane. That spirit, that fire, that inescapable force of will that is so inexplicable yet breathlessly intoxicating to be near.

She’s got herself a fella. He’s addicted to that wildness in her, that so many others fear or try to tame.
Together they have themselves a Bonnie & Clyde thing going on.
An entwined universe all their own.

And us? Well, we’ll follow her.
As she extorts the shit out of life.
Bleeding it of every experience it has to give her, fearlessly moving on to the next.
While wearing her CarterGore, obviously.

We’re pulling together inspiration boards like there’s no tomorrow, and we’ll share with you as we go along. For now, here’s some of our favourites – found from all over the goddamn web.


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