It’s Christmas! (nearly)

If you’re feeling more Ho-Ho-Holy Shit than Jingle All The Way … my friends, do we have you covered.

We’ve got some gift suggestions and some personalisation options to help you pick the product that’s going to make the perfect present for that special someone (even if that’s special someone is yourself … you do you). We’ve ALSO, the helpful little elves that we are, made a note of the all-important cut off dates to be aware of before Santa’s (aka Gary’s) workshop take a well-deserved jolly for the holidays.


A true bespoke piece (which we totally love doing, by the way), takes a LOT of time and meticulous effort to get right, so sadly … midway through December, we’re hereby going to have to call it and close our bespoke order books pre-Christmas. Boo, hiss … we know.

HOWEVER, if there’s something you’re looking for in the New Year … our inbox will remain vigilant and open to all … so hit us up with what you’re thinking.


There is, though, still PLENTY – 6 whole days to be exact – for you to put in a personalisation order.

A bangle, a pendant, a keyring … we can engrave whatever you want onto whatever you want and whip you up something truly special and unique his Christmas.

For this, you have until THURSDAY 19th … so that we can get it made and in the post for final call on Christmas delivery.

So, haul ass, okay? Get in touch!


Still an effing decent option … have you seen our range? We have a VAST array of pendants, bangles, earrings and keyrings that all rock intricately designed personality pendants. Even though they’re part of our main range, they were all designed for people, and their symbolism and what they stand for make an incredibly thoughtful, personalised gift.  

These are some of our faves …

>> Click here to buy The Russian Doll

>> Click here to buy The Hamsa Hand

>> Click here to buy The Swallow

You have until the 20th to put your order in on those ones … after that, we can’t guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, because we’re at the mercy of the Royal Postal Service.

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