International Day Of The Girl

Back in 2015, the United Nations General Assembly collectively set and committed to a new series of Global Goals for Sustainable Development – 17 of them, to be exact. Number 5 on that list? Well, for the very first time, Gender Inequality was acknowledged as the moral, ethical and economical failure of modern society that it is in 2019.

A year later, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Global Goals released a light hearted, nostalgia-drunk parody of the Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’ to celebrate a full 20 years since ‘Girl Power’ started sweeping the earth. It went viral, of course, with more than 200 million views online.

The next video, to mark the International Day of The Girl, took a slightly different tone to the fun whimsy of the predeceasing #whatIreallywantclip.

“Everyone’s angry now, and our girls this year, in contrast to the playfulness of the last video, are harnessing that anger and making it purposeful. Demanding change.”

Set to Beyonce’s ‘Freedom’ comes a tangible simmering rage, violent fury on little faces – the injustice of being born and raised as a whole new generation tarnished with a world riddled with archaic assumption that they are limited as human beings for being female.

Fuck, calling out our girls for having ‘attitude problems’ when their boy classmates are revered for their ‘leadership potential’ is barely a fleck on the face we’re dealing with.

On a global scale, a girl dies as a result of violence every five minutes.

One in four girls gets married as a child.
71% of human trafficking victims are female.
63 millions girls have suffered the horrors of female genital mutilation.
130 million girls are out of school.

How do we reconcile that?

The stats don’t stop. And they won’t – until we fight for our girls.

Have a watch of the video, see the fight in them, then follow and support those out there making a difference, might we suggest:

The Girl Effect
Girls Not Brides

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