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If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t, you’re missing out my friend – twitter, Instagram, Facebook), you’ll know that on the last day of July, Gary and Cathy said a pretty smug buh-bye to Blighty and headed off in search of a searing summer in their spiritual home of Skiathos.



Kicking about in the oldest part of town, Plakis, which overlooks the old port for some sickeningly other-worldly sunsets, it hasn’t quite been all beach-haze and booze (though, admittedly, that’s understandably taken up a fair bit of their well earned holiday).

Over the winter, our Greek mates have been watching CarterGore build and develop, itching to get their hands all over our Tattoo Candy. From the second Gary and Cathy touched down, they’ve been selling like those damned proverbial hotcakes.



Yep – more than 50 pieces have sold in just shy of 3 weeks in Skiathos, with the heart pendants and sugar skull pieces making the most waves with the locals. New to the fam, the Cacti had their own thing going on, with matching bikini-clad babes left, right and centre, our Cactus Capsule has become Greece’s new hottest matching accessory.

This week, Cathy and Gary head home, back to the grind and hella ready for it, with thanks to Skiathos’ loving, rejuvenating embrace and rowdy nightlife. Next up: pop ups, London Fashion Week and the beast that is Christmas.

CarterGore is coming for ya.


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