Going Gold


So, the big news of this week is GOLD. (Always believe in your soul. Sorry, couldn’t resist). Oh, yeah, we’ve gone there with a range of solid gold pieces across our collection which are now available to buy both online and with our new pals Wolf & Badger.

Okay, so Gold isn’t entirely a new direction for us. We’ve been doing it on and off since the very start, selectively, as commissions or special one-off pieces. We’ve dipped a toe, but never quite taken the leap full-bore. They’re pretty pricey to make, you see, and by extension, to sell.

But one thing showing at London Fashion Week gave us more than anything else was the exposure to the true landscape of the commercial market right now. We were there, right at the front line of what is hot and selling.



You could see immediately a really clear split right down the middle. At the one end was the pacey, trend-led fashion lines – accessible with their lower retail price and designed to buy often, as the season turned over. And right at the very other was what could only be described as the couture of jewellery – riddled with precious metal and diamonds, entirely hand crafted and selling bespoke and out to market at eye watering prices.

And where were we? Yep, slap bang in the middle.

Don’t get us wrong – we kinda like that. Market mavericks. Make us a t-shirt – we’ll rock that all day.

We’re bringing handmade, spectacularly detailed, solid silver pieces to the market at competitive prices whist still managing to design and execute at pace to react to the trends we feel like nodding to.



But, getting a peep at what’s going on in that ballsy high end – with a year’s worth of experience tucked up our sleeve – has given us enough confidence to see what we can do at the deeper end of the pool.

Being stocked at Wolf & Badger seemed like a huge opportunity to diversify officially for the first time. So we now have a beautiful range of solid gold pieces. What’s next? Diamonds, baby. They’re a girl’s best friend, don’t ya know?

Stay tuned.

+ Shop Gold on CarterGore
+ Shop Gold at Wolf & Badger



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