Whether they’re closing airports down for 17 hours, scaring the shit out of aby polar bears or causing hella drama at the super bowl, Drones have been known to get a pretty bad rep.

Buzzing about, mostly unpoliced … it lands them on the news for borderline ASBO behaviour, but they do have their perks, too.

The world over, photographers are developing a new and truly beautiful eye with the help of a brand new perspective, capturing truly breathtaking scenes from inhuman angles. It’s a take on the world around us the layman has never had access to before.

Dronestagram – an international hub for drone photography, first launched in July 2013 celebrated its fifth annual creative competition late last year. Thousands of entries were submitted, scaling the length and breadth of our beautiful world.

A fishing net, cast in a gulf of perfectly still water, looks as weightless as smoke, dancing in the negative space of the sea that embraces it.

The catch in your throat as a dark storm brews ominously over an unsuspecting town, the menace of its size and weight casting houses and streets as the size of toys. “Are we all worthless when Mother Nature speaks?” says the caption.

The apex of a muddy river reaches the ocean – butting, rather than blending, both maintaining an unyielding angle of colour. Abstract almost, with usually unnatural sharp, nearly angular lines, a small boat hinting at scale.

What they all have in common? A sense of perspective and the scale of man against the world we live in. It is bigger, so much bigger, than we can notice with our feet on the ground. These entries – and their winners – celebrate a perspective of ‘other’ … higher … more than, our own.

So, if you’re having the Mondayest Tuesday ever and you need to escape for even just a second, take a click around the world from a drone’s-eye-view – we promise you won’t regret it.

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