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Born as a passion project, Tattly exploded into the world – in all its confetti canon glory – in 2011, when founder Tina Roth Eisenberg (otherwise known as prolific blogger, Swissmiss) got tired of applying yet another crappy temporary tattoo on her daughter’s arm.

“I have this personal rule that when I catch myself complaining about something over and over, I need to either do something about it or let it go.”

Not only did these things refuse for love nor money to actually transfer onto skin with any consistency, but visually they lacked any imagination, creative licence or artistic integrity. Bottom line – they hurt her eyes. Yep … she wasn’t letting this one go. Tina decided she was going to make her own.

All it took to get to launch was … ya know … the small task of finding out what a temporary tattoo is actually made of, finding some kick-ass designers to work up the 15 designs Tattly launched with and then hiring a couple of folks to actually run the thing. Add in a glitter drawer for when things got tough and Bam! There was Tattly.

Six years later, Tattly has harnessed the power of the t’internet to make this Brooklyn based temporary tattoo company into a global brand. (A couple of swipes down their Insta and you’ll see a cracking shot of James Cordon rocking an arm full of their designs). The talent on their roster means their product continues to grow and evolve, embraced in all corners of culture. And the artists they collaborate with get a fair cut of every sale, which keeps new creatives ever-happy to get involved. Nice, right?

Now we’re not shy about how much we’re into tattoos, but Tattly is the first time we’ve seen artwork that’s non-permanent that looks so damn good. So, if ‘for-the-rest-of-your-life’ kinda ain’t your thing, why not switch up your look? It can be a discrete, dainty piece or a full on flowery sleeve – why not? It’s only until your next shower.

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