Double Tap That – Randa Haddadin

Now … you know us … we like what we like and we’re not about apologising for it. And if there’s two things that really tickles our web-hopping fancy, it’s sick tattoos and sketchbook doodles. Not all art is on walls, after all.

So when we found the work of Dubai based Randa Haddadin … well, let’s say our penchants were well and truly taken care of.

In a crowded niche of creativity, Randa has found her own way … by using her own skin (more often than not her thigh) as a canvas – thus birthing this visual delight of a sketchbook / tattoo inspo combination.

It all started by accident, as some of the best stuff does, with Randa experiencing a particularly potent urge to draw as a way to check out and chill – a meditative practice almost – but finding herself without anything to draw on … except, ya know, herself.

What’s particularly beautiful about this work is the temporary nature of it – it’s there for a moment, then washed away forever. Her insta grid then, is like a time capsule of creations that only saw the world for moments. This inevitability at the start of that creative process seems to inspire her work, though, make her bolder and less tentative to reach for something different and new. After all, there would never be any proof of any kind of ‘failure’ – not even between herself and her bin. Nor does she have to wait for the right place and time to sit and scribble … it can literally be whenever inspiration strikes.

Her style has amassed her nearly 150 thousand avid followers, us now amongst them, and it’s always an appreciated pause on our stream to just stop.

Stop scrolling.
Look. Notice. See.

And experience that meditation through are with her.

Inspired? Us too. Just no sharpies, eh?

>> Randa’s Site
>> Randa’s Insta

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