Double Tap That – Olivia Kemp

London based artist Olivia Kemp is quickly creating herself a raucous online with her giants of art. Sprawling, relentlessly detailed ink drawings – each piece is meticulously inspired by real world landscapes in a culmination of photography and sketches that have documented her travels.

“I am particularly interested in places where the countryside is marked with the evidence and strangeness of our presence among it – curious buildings and structures that jar and clash with our perception of the picturesque”

‘Ascending The High Pass’ for example is inspired by Bavaria’s castles and the intricacies of their surrounding towers and cliffs. Captured in a series of drawing studies on location, they’re then folded into the final piece, the sheer scale and elaborate nature of which makes it feel almost mythical, despite its careful realism.

She consciously forgoes any colour in her work, in favour of the simple honesty of blank ink on paper – creating depth instead through details and texture that she painstakingly tips every ounce of her significant talent and skill into. In that sense, there’s an inherent integrity to her work that’s crazy inspiring … she doesn’t even pre-draw in pencil underneath beforehand, allowing the piece to come to life and grow slowly, organically creeping across the canvas.

Endlessly rich in detail. Entirely fascinating.

“I draw in order to make sense of landscape, but also to construct and remodel it. I build worlds and imaginary places that grow out of a need to interpret the sites that I have known, expanding and developing them across a page.”

Exhibiting tirelessly across the country – in the likes of Buckingham Palace and the V&A, no less – we’re also just a tad hooked on her insta, which gives a little peep into the short stories that will soon grow into one of her beautiful giants.

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