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It’s not difficult to stumble across a tattoo artist whose work you like. Not these days. Whereas once, painstaking research, recommendations and commendations from trusted sources might have taken months and years – now, Instagram offers up the biggest raising profiles in the ink world like Deliveroo-pick n’ mix.

And there is good effing work everywhere. A whole generation of artists carving their own path and their own aesthetic.

Like we said, finding the work you like ain’t all that hard.

What is rare, is falling for an artist’s work because of their ethos. Their ethic. All the stuff that forms the creative infrastructure underneath the slick-as-hell grid, the inked celebrities and the thousands of online followers. It’s the why, rather than just the what. Yeah, the digital world can give a lot, but in a world gone third-person, what is harder to get your hands on is that tangible essence beneath it all.



Mowgli, a London based tattoo artist working out of the mighty ‘Through My Third Eye’ studio, has a refreshing eye that somehow inherently weaves his own unique perspective through his client’s exacting vision. His handwriting, although perfectly legible in the actual styling of the pieces, is also visible on another, deeper level. There’s a story telling element involved. Something … more.

“Nothing should make sense. You should break the rules and break the norms and surpass expectation.”



His graphic, abstract works are detailed to delirium, combining elements of realism, geometric lines and enough intricate symbolism to keep Dan Brown busy for a little while. They’re narratives. Making you tilt your head, riddled with curiosity. You squint your eyes and smile to yourself as you try to see the whole. It is the beautiful complexity of human behaviour and spirit, spun through an artist’s web of dot, line and metaphor.

Each of his pieces is titled, just like a work of art. Fitting. They are not one thing, but many. Pieces of the person drawn to life, and respectfully inked upon their skin.



In short: fucking fantastic. Which might explain why he’s currently booked up until 2020. But, until that diary opens again, you can always follow over on Instagram. He’s just become one of our favourite double-taps.

– Mowgli Facebook
– Mowgli Instagram
– Through My Third Eye

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