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As we began our journey as CarterGore, a lot of things developed and adapted. It’s just the way things go, right? It takes some time to figure it all out. If any company claims to have been born into the world fully formed in its identity … well, they’re talking crap. It’s a process. A journey.

One of the only things we truly held sacred – completely untouchable – was our commitment to quality manufacturing. The human element. To the insistence that a pair of experienced hands should touch all aspects of the creation of each piece. Because to us, that’s how it should be. It just makes sense.

But as we’ve set up and taken a good look around the place, it’s occurred to us that that same level of commitment to quality is actually kinda rare. So rare, in fact, that it can become your USP. Something that truly makes you stand out.



Mexicana Boots is a company that we love and respect, because of that same commitment to making quality – stuff that lasts, both in style and in endurance. It’s a commitment they’ve been seeing through product by product for 25 years now, what they’re global brand is grounded in.

Founded in 1988, the French brand was built, entirely besotted with the people, tradition and style of Mexico. So besotted, that although they’re manufactured in Europe, the workforce has always been recruited from Mexico.

Yep, from sketches to final touches, each pair of their boots is made by dozens of native artists, who each set their hands to different areas of production – all to create a product that is authentically steeped in the traditions and customs of their homeland.

“All of our products are made with hands, heart and respect.”



The result is a wickedly distinguishable style – that transcends fads and trends to retain its own, timeless look. They evoke their own day-dream of an aesthetic: sun baked sand, hazing across the stark horizon, dancing with the waves of heat that ripple and writhe across the landscape. Searing, stretching skies … the only clouds the plooms of dust you kick up under the heels of your boots. Tassel clad with denim, the whole world under your soles.

Sigh. Yep, they really take you there, huh?

Since their inception, they’ve been featured in the glossy-mag royalty like Vogue and Elle, defying fashion’s flippant relationship with time to endure and stay true to what they do. You gotta love the tenacity in that.

We sure as hell do.

– Mexicana


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