Double Tap That | London Tattoo Guide by Tom Angell


Having spent a fair bit of time in the smoke in the last couple of weeks – most notably for our first display at the iconic Jewellery Room at London Fashion Week … ahem – we’ve come home freshly obsessed with how our capital breeds tattoo culture, in all its vibrant diversity. Seriously, it’s almost a tangible thing. A beating heart. A living, breathing creature all its own.

1 in 5 Brits are tattooed … you can whack that down to 1 in 3 if you’re under 30 … and nowhere else does it feel so evident, so widely embraced than London. Which is why this new book by Tom Angell has tickled our fancy a fair bit.



“London Tattoo Guide” is literally an insider tour around London’s tattoo industry, its artists and its pioneering techniques. All illustrated with truly beautiful photography and the purity of an obsessive’s narration.

Tom Angell has 25 tattoos and counting. And for each piece of ink on his skin, he considers them a collection of art from his favourite tattoo artists. He’s forever planning his next piece, constantly researching the next studio to cherry pick is artwork from. In other words, he’s somewhat of a self-made connoisseur in the tattoo world.



That innate passion is unleashed completely unrestrained on the content of his book, which celebrates the best and brightest of the London tattoo scene with on-the-ground, 1st person perspective, lovingly curated profiles and in-depth interviews. And just look at it … BORN to be a coffee table book.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon … we just did!


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