Double Tap That – Life of a Rose

Artist Balazs Bercsenyi has united 70 strangers through tattoo as they took part in “the ultimate love story” entitled ‘Life Of A Rose’ that depicts the life cycle of one of the greatest and most enduring effigies of love.

Each person’s skin played canvas to a tiny piece of the bigger story – a single page from the book. Together, they tell the tale of a single rose … as it sprouts from seed, unfurls and blooms to full beauty, is plucked and gifted as a symbol of love and then, finally, wilts under the weight of time in a quiet and dignified demise.

A sweet and simple metaphor. Of love. Of life.

Of the acceptance that to truly appreciate the summer of life – the beauty, the warmth, the light – we must also embrace the inevitable winter that follows. In all things, life and death are a package deal, a mutually inclusive certainty.

“The rose is a perfect example of how we should live our lives, to bloom and give our gift away.”

Sure, it could be seen as kind of strange that such an intimate and emotive narrative should be purposely split between strangers but then … when you look at our lives, how much of ourselves do we share with total strangers on a daily basis? How many people do we ‘know’, do we celebrate with and commiserate with, without having actually met them? And when we do find love, we’ve probably swiped right for it – it’s how all the modern love stories start these days.

So yes – one of the most enduring symbols of love – a long, single stemmed rose, captured as it is passed quietly and inconspicuously to another … told on the skin of strangers feels quite the perfect fit, actually.

All 70 tattoos were photographed and stitched into what is truly a mesmerising animation. So simple, so unassuming but really so incredibly beautiful.

“The underlying purpose of this art project is to create a sense of oneness, where the lasting outcome is in being a part of something that is bigger than the individual.”

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