Double Tap That – Kirigami

For us, all the magic of creation begins with a piece of paper. There’s something about touching our finger tips to it, stabling it underneath your hands. It’s a reassuringly blank canvas – gentle, no judgement. A medium of great diversity.

Pencil or oil paints.
Pen or charcoal.
A crayon in the hand of a child or a few scribbles to hold your day together.

Some of the worlds truest beauty has started with a single piece of paper.
Yep – even in a digital age, paper possesses a very special kind of sorcery.

But paper doesn’t always need to be the canvas, sometimes it can be the art itself.

Kirigami – a variation of ancient Chinese craft origami, is an age old practice, steeped in tradition and ceremony. Here, artists snip, nip and cut their creations to produce piercingly intricate, three dimensional dioramas that are so detailed they look like they’ve been drawn with the finest of pens, rather than a blade.

Today, thousands of years of practice and technique has found its way into new hands – a new generation, which is breathing new life into the art form.

San Fransisco based Kanako Abe denotes delicate depictions of nature and whimsy, painstakingly layered out of a single piece of paper.

At first glance of her grid, you’d think her work was minimal line drawings, a hand behind to cast a shadow reveals the true genius of her pieces.

Wickedly beautiful and hauntingly delicate, each of her Kirigami is a chasm of detail, a big hole of wonder that you can’t help but tip head first into and get a bit lost amongst its sweeping lines.

Poetry with paper and a blade.

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