Double Tap That – Explo-Trotter

Gary and Cathy have packed their bags and headed off on their annual pilgrimage to beautiful Greece this week and it’s left the rest of us itching for adventure. (Jealous? Us? Give over). But, while we still live in a society where money is a thing and bills demand that shit, our weekend adventures are gonna have to be vicarious. At least this time.

To Instagram we go.



Because let’s face it – there’s two major things we want from Instagram. The first is to girl-perve at banging babes. A given. (Sorry, lads). The second is to see pictures of the world through the eyes of an adventurer. How effing fantastic is it that we can tap and swipe and glance thousands of miles away from our physical selves. From re-runs of Love Island and the temptation to put the heating on.

(Jealous? Us? Okay, a bit).

Alexis Pifou is a self-proclaimed ‘Explo-Trotter’. Based in Montreal, he’s blessed with some of Canada’s finest backdrops right on his doorstep but his nomadic spirit takes him far, from sprawling national parks to hopping urban landscapes.



Travel grammers are ten a penny, but we particularly love Pifou’s grid for the near tangible sense of experience that you get from his images. There’s something in his eye that adds a layer of dimension to everything he captures – an imprint of the time and space it was taken – and it provokes a genuine emotive reaction. Everything from a subtle ‘eyebrow-raise-of-impressed’ to ‘breath-gets-a-bit-stuck-and-you-kind-of-choke’.

You go somewhere with him, feel the expanse of the landscape, or the kiss of sea air on your face or the glare of the sun in your eyes. In a time where vicarious escape is so convenient and easy, doing it well is tricky. And Pifou’s got it nailed.



Check out his grid. We may or may not have also spent an ungodly amount of time on his Youtube channel – worth a look, too.

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