Double Tap That – Eva Krbdk

Great tattoo artists are kinda ten-a-penny. Instagram is flooded with impeccable work … shit, if we wanted to – we could devote a weekly article just to our favourite tattoo artist of the week.

To really stake a claim on the fickle bitch that is the internet, then, you’ve now got to be bringing a whole new calibre to the game – as jaded as we can get as discerning viewers, it takes something truly special to stop us from swiping right on past.

Eva Karabudak, better known as her insta handle Eva Krbdk has hit the viral lane of the old internet a couple of times with her distinct work. First, with the wonderfully quirky cross-stitch designs, which fused her passion for ink with a skill woven through her childhood, learnt from her Grandma. And now, with her breathtakingly beautiful miniature circle designs.

Smaller even than the palm of your hand, these spheres of imagined reality are microcosms of wonder and whimsy. Like looking through the peep hole to another world, the realism of the worlds depicted are entirely transporting.

Snapshots of nature, urban landscapes and even famous artworks, these pockets of perfection are like windows to the soul. A gateway into the secret realm of the beholder.

And just plain effing beautiful, right?

Although she’s now living in the very heart of Manhattan, Eva honed her style growing up in Instanbull, Turkey. While earning her education in Art, she practiced her craft through street art and tattooing in a local shop.

That time spend studying and learning to deeply respect classical and fine art informs another strand of her skill set that she’s quickly growing famous for – as a ‘skin counterfiet’, which basically means that she can recreate classic works of art as a tattoo – ever more closing the gap between tattooing and true art.

Because that’s what her work is, without a shadow of a doubt – art. Defo recommend a little kick around her grid for some ink. You’re welcome.

>> Visit Eva’s Insta

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