Double Tap That – Daria Aksenova

When you hear a kid tell a story, their own story, have you ever noticed how unhindered it is? Sure, that fella won the battle with the bad guy in the end because he sprouted wings and an unbeatable shield out of his arm and flew himself to safety. I mean, why not?

When we’re young, our imaginations are inviolate things – completely impervious to what is sensible or realistic. We dream the most outrageous of spectacles … because we can. It’s only as we get older that we start to build walls around that.

Our dreams become old arguments, or the day-at-work regurgitated. Our worst fears and biggest regrets. I mean, that’s if you manage to sleep deep enough to dream at all.  

Maybe it’s self-consciousness … we’re all worried about it being ‘good’, or ‘liked’, or shit … even ‘commercial’, if you want to get really scary.

That’s crazy.
That will never work.
What world do you live in?

But really … when was the last time you let your imagination run wild. Unrestrained?

Visual narrative artist Daria Aksenova celebrates the wonder of our childhood imaginations and uses her work to transport us back to a place where folklore and myth is all too real and more than possible. Where magic and whimsy trump logic and likelihood. Where truly, anything can happen.

Each scene is made from layers and layers of suspended, hand-cut and inked paper, carefully and precisely constructed into ornate frames to create a multi-dimensional microcosm of a dreamscape.

The level of detail is astonishing, both in craft and the narrative woven through the layers of paper. Her pieces are stories without restrictions – flights of fantasy and mythical mystery that leave the hum drum of reality behind.

So, if you have a few minutes … we definitely recommend a peer into the other and a look into her work.

Beautiful. Ethereal. Transporting.

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