Double Tap That – Danny Hawk

In the week where Gary and Cathy have jetted off on their annual pilgrimage to Greece, and just about every other mofo on our social streams is basking in sunshine someplace pretty, we have a thirst for a bit of wanderlust.

And not only does a quick dive into the sketchbooks of travel artist Danny Hawk tickle that particular fancy quite nicely, it also does a few things for our love of all things made by hand. Noice.

In an age where some of the most breath taking and scenic places on this beautiful, vast and enigmatic world are littered – infested, even – with groups of tourists angling for the perfect selfie … Danny Hawks’ work is somewhat of a breath of fresh air. Because, seriously, when was it that we actually stopped looking at the places we visit, soaking it up with our eyes and our senses, in favour of making sure others know that we’ve been there? Why, for the love of Lucifer, do we feel that our face is just what this particular bit of the world needs to tip it over into grid-worthy? When did we stop experiencing for the sake of the likes?

Danny doesn’t travel through his phone, or his camera. He travels with his sketchbook, capturing his adventures around Europe in one of the most intimate ways possible … ink and watercolour. From the historical castles or Ireland to the rolling riverside towns of France, a glance through the pages of his book is a bit like tipping into that scene from Mary Poppins.

His work is charming, almost story-book-like but for adults. Realistic enough to truly encapsulate the landscape, with a cheery wash of water colour that could make even the most every day of scenes come alive with adventure and story.

So, if you too have just spent your weekend getting soaked in the pissing down rain and confusedly, bewildered, found yourself turning your heating back on … this guy’s grid is where you wanna go.

>> Danny Hawk Insta

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