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The restless, simmering grey-area of time between one big project launching (our products being sold at Wolf & Badger … we might have mentioned it once of twice) and our next big project kicking off (stay tuned) is precious space for the mind to wander and restore. Perfect for inspiration hunting.

I mean, we’re pretty much always on the look out (little inspiration scavengers, us) but making a concerted effort to set aside time to actively magpie across the web is rare but important and so good for the creative soul.

This week, we’ve got caught up with line designers – the flipping wizards of pen and paper that can bring light and shade, depth and narrative in such a deceptively simple medium. Monochromatic delights with just a pen. Proper, honest to God, artists.

And, because sharing is caring, we thought we’d loop you lot in on our favourite finds, complete with their Instagram handles to light up your feeds. We’re a bit nice like that, you see. Shall we?




Brighton based illustrator Lloyd Stratton has a unique blend of styles – conceptual realism, some classic tattoo-flash inspiration for sure, all bound together with an edge of darkness that still feels somehow romantic.

We love how much his work transports you – how varied his subject matter can be whilst still carrying his clear handwriting.

– Instagram



– PET & DOT –

Truly mind blowing detail achieved through intricate dot-work, Slovacian born, Copenhagen Based artist Petra manipulates light and shade into whole other worlds. Complete with galaxies and spine-tingling atmosphere, her ability to layer greyscale is pretty damn incredible. Her Instagram feed is full of videos of her at work, if you fancy a bit of mesmorising space travel.

– Instagram




Based in Bali, Indonesia, and known only as ‘Bacht’, even the deepest of internet digs (seriously, does anyone go *that* far into google any more?) revealed little about the artist other than their beautiful work. There’s a lightness of touch to these pieces, a softness in the curves of the lines that juxtaposes gently with the geometrical nature of a lot of the portfolio.

We also love the confidence in the style to be so cleanly minimal. It’s so easy with line drawings for pieces to become so heavy with detail – Bacht’s work maintains a certain purity for its lack of noise.

– Instagram

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