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In a culture so intrinsically diverse as the tattoo world, it’s surprisingly difficult to stand out. The styles are so established, so well explored and the variations between them so incomprehensibly vast that it actually feels pretty rare to come across an artist that’ll make you stop, tip your head a little and think … ‘huh – that’s new’.

Ahmet Cambaz may be fairly fresh to the tattoo world – in fact, he may not have even stepped his toe into it if his wife hadn’t gifted him a tattoo machine a few years back – but his work, with its own, distinguished style is gaining him a loyal and avid following across the digi-sphere.



Originally a caricature artist, Turkish-born, Instanbul-based Cambaz has a unique ability to combine his tiny, delicate works with a hand-drawn, labour-of-love line drawing style that feels so endearingly alive. His characters, often animals, have personalities. Although simple, one look at a Cambaz tattoos ignites an accompanying entire narrative – a realism and romanticism that is usually so impossible to capture in something so small.

His work has a softer, gentler handwriting, somehow, that makes them feel approachable and it’s that sweetness, that warmth, that is gaining Cambaz fans both inked and blank-canvas. Including us. New Instagram fave right here.

– Ahmet Cambaz


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